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We are the Canadian Branch of International Ministers Fellowship - Global

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We are a loving fellowship of Ministers

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International Ministers Fellowship

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International Ministers Fellowship is a living, loving and functional network of ministers of the Kingdom gospel across the globe. As long as you are in ministry, this is the home where we do not discriminate on the basis of title, calling, gender or age!   Whether you are called to frontline ministry as a Fivefold leader... or to the Market Place and Civil Society like Joseph, Daniel and Esther in the Bible or your calling is as a Supportive Minister serving God with your spiritual gifts and callings,  Here is the Fellowship which offers you unbeatable opportunities to be sharpened, edified, ministered to and supported to fulfil the Great Commission from your locality, City, State/Province, Nation to other parts of the world as Acts 1:8 declares.   The secret is this: do not come with the attitude of what to 'get' but how you can 'give'. This happens when you are effective in the hands of God to make this vision a living reality in the local chapter.   http://internationalministersfellowship.org/  Canadian Director - Apostle Denise Adams • Call in Canada:1-778-285-1111 or inbox me. 

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